Spotlighting the Enormous Potential of People with Autism

World Autism Awareness Day this year spotlights how, with over 80% of adults with autism unemployed, employers are missing out on the abilities that research shows people on the autism spectrum have in greater abundance than do “neurotypical” workers.

CSW 59 Wraps up as Delegates Look Towards 2016

The 59th session of Commission on the Status of Women, which saw double the number of participants it usually has, is over for another year. Here’s an overview of the ideas and actions inspired by the conference.

Women In Pursuit of Dreams: Domestic Work and Beyond

Xyza Cruz Bacani’s is an artist first and foremost, a young woman with a passion and a camera; she also happens to be a migrant domestic worker but that doesn’t define her. Her story shows that women migrants have great potential to be agents of change in their own lives and the societies to which they contribute.