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Our World welcomes your proposals for articles and multimedia content. Your story will help in fulfilling Our World’s mission to spotlight innovative ideas that respond to global challenges and report on contemporary affairs of relevance to the mandate of the United Nations.

We cannot pay contributors. But we hope that the experience you gain from writing for the United Nations and being part of our team will be beneficial to your career, in addition to being invaluable to the Our World audience.

Our World is a platform for conversation between the UN and a public interested in pressing global issues. As such, we encourage public participation through website comments as well as through our popular social media presence on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

We aim to help readers learn in a way that inspires them to bring about change in their own lives. We therefore ask that you present your proposal’s topic in a way that conveys its relevance to regular people, linking them into the story.

An important point to keep in mind when drafting your submission is that our target audience is global. Although many readers are from developed countries (such as the US, Japan and the UK), our readership is rapidly expanding in countries such as China and India. Many of our readers are not native English speakers and therefore may not be familiar with many colloquial, academic or abstract expressions.

Before you start writing, we ask that you read a few existing articles on Our World related to your topic.

Writing guidelines

Before our editors prepare your story to publish, we would like your submission to:

  • Be written in a friendly, journalistic style and be based on substantive argument
  • Explore the challenge(s) and then identify and discuss innovative solution(s)
  • Range from 1,000-1,500 words and address the 5Ws (what, where, who, when, why)
  • Avoid long, complex sentences — keep it short, sharp and simple
  • Avoid most acronyms, colloquialisms, expressions, academic and scientific jargon
  • Avoid use of the passive tense
  • Include personal stories and quotes (e.g., personal experience/motivation)
  • Use web links to cite academic and other sources. This means converting existing footnotes and endnotes before submitting your draft. If you cannot provide a link to the reference, please integrate it into the sentence (e.g., “According to a 2009 study by ____, there will be an increased…”)

Please also include:

  • A short author biography of no more than 80 words
  • Quality photos, if you have any, that are related to your story, in the highest resolution possible (at least 1200 pixels on the long side)

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A final word from the editors

The style guide is exactly that — a guide.  If you are unsure about anything, contact us for advice.  We look forward to receiving and reviewing your submission soon.